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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Root Canals

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Root Canals

Have you been told that you need a root canal? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people each year undergo a root canal, but many people do not know how the procedure works.

A root canal is actually a pulp-filled cavity in the root of your tooth. A root canal procedure is a treatment where the pulp is cleaned out from the root of your tooth and is replaced with a filling material.

Your root canal procedure will begin my taking an x-ray and determining that your tooth has an infection or trauma that warrants a root canal.

Then, Dr. Sean Drower will make sure that you are completely comfortable for your procedure by using anesthetic to numb the area where we will be working. Dr. Drower will make a tiny hole to access the root of your tooth so that he can remove the infection. Once the area is cleaned out, he will fill it and may place additional medication inside to assist in healing.

The hole in your tooth needs to be filled once your root canal is complete. After a root canal, your tooth can become brittle, so a crown is often recommended to protect your tooth from breaking or splitting.

If you suspect you need a root canal, call our Keene, NH office for an evaluation.

While we always provide the best dentistry available, the fact is that people are biological creatures and we can not make guarantees on specific outcomes. Just like any other dental or medical procedures, inherent risks exist. However, if we believe that a procedure is unwise or risky, we will let you know our honest opinions.

That being said, millions of people have successful root canals each year. Dr. Sean Drower is highly skilled and experienced with root canal procedures. You will be in excellent hands at our office. He has performed hundreds of root canals, creating satisfied and happy patients.

Because a root canal is often the last attempt to save a compromised tooth, we take our time and make sure you are completely comfortable. Dr. Drower’s attention to detail helps ensure the best possible outcome.

Root canals are necessary when the nerve of your tooth is infected. Root canal treatment goes inside the canal of your tooth to remove the infection. As a result, your tooth may become brittle. Because of this, we often recommend a crown to protect your tooth.

If you need a root canal, we welcome you to our office. Our highly skilled and compassionate team will make sure you are treated just like we would treat our own families.

Thanks to advances in dental technology, most uncomplicated root canals are practically painless. You may experience some discomfort as the anesthesia wears off, but this is only temporary and is usually better by the next day. Despite the bad reputation of root canal therapy, this important procedure is crucial in killing off infection and restoring your tooth back to full functionality.

Root canal procedures actually help to relieve pain. Because the pain is really caused by trauma or an infection, removing the source of the problem generally removes the pain. Most of our patients report immediate relief from their symptoms after a root canal.

We want you to be completely comfortable for your procedure. We will use anesthetic to numb the area of your mouth where you will be having the procedure. If at any time you feel discomfort, just let us know and we can make necessary adjustments to your anesthetic to ensure your comfort.

Once your root canal is complete, if you continue having pain for more than a couple of days, please let our office know so that we can investigate and make sure you feel comfortable again as soon as possible. Your health and comfort are always our highest priority.

Root canals are common procedures and one of the main ways we know what type of treatment is necessary is by the level of pain you are experiencing. Many patients who need a root canal procedure experience severe or constant pain. Your pain may worsen when you lie down. We will take an x-ray to confirm that you need a root canal.

Some patients never feel pain and root canals are diagnosed only because they can be seen on x-rays. These patients are the lucky ones because they managed to avoid pain.

Just because your root canal does not hurt right at the moment does not mean you can put it off indefinitely. First of all, a root canal is an infection and infections can flare up or worsen at any time. The longer you go before having your necessary procedure, the more risk you are taking for being caught off guard by severe pain.

Root canal procedures are sometimes difficult to diagnose if no infection is visible on your x-ray, but fortunately they are not difficult to treat and may often be a last effort to save a troubled tooth. The cost, risk, and inconvenience are far lower for a root canal than for tooth replacement therapy.

A root canal procedure is often a necessary treatment to save your tooth. Root canals become necessary when your tooth nerve is infected. Often you will have severe pain when you need a root canal and a root canal procedure may be necessary to relieve your pain permanently.

Some patients want to know why they should have a root canal instead of an extraction. When you extract a tooth, you create further dental health complications because a missing tooth can cause your teeth to shift or tip toward the empty space.

When you leave an empty space in your mouth where a tooth used to be, you run the risk of experiencing bone loss. Because your teeth are anchored to your jaw bones, a missing tooth can cause that bone to recede since it is no longer necessary. This bone loss can put your other teeth at risk.

Missing teeth also create cosmetic concerns when it comes to your smile. Having a missing tooth may make you feel self-conscious about talking or laughing and that can negatively affect your career and social life.

Tooth replacement therapy can be expensive and inconvenient. We always make it a priority to save your natural teeth when possible.

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