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What are common childhood dental problems?

Our goal is always prevention. Early dental visits can help by saving you time and money in the future. When your child begins coming to our office at a young age, usually having their first well visit by the age of one year, it allows Dr. Drower the opportunity to look for any dental problems.

Some of the more common problems we find in our young patients are cavities (decay), bite issues (occlusion), any problems with their gums, and signs of acid erosion.

Because each child is different, Dr. Drower customizes your child’s treatment based on their dental health. So, if your child has a history of decay, he may recommend sealants, fluoride, or more frequent cleanings to help avoid more extensive treatment later.

Or if your child has some issues with their bite, he may recommend early orthodontics as an intervention while your little one is still growing. Early orthodontic treatment may reduce the time and money it takes to correct your child’s bite later.

Dr. Drower will also examine the quality of your child’s enamel and look for any signs of acid erosion that may need to be addressed by avoiding certain foods or drinks and adjusting home care.

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