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What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

While dental whitening is considered safe and has very few side effects, some people do experience the most common side effects:

Tooth Sensitivity

Because teeth whitening uses a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel to permeate to the lower layer of your teeth called the dentin, some people experience tooth sensitivity. Typically, this occurs when your whitening trays have been left in too long or you have whitened your teeth too many days in a row.

It can be resolved by making sure you only leave your trays in for the recommended period of time. It can also be addressed by making sure you take a day or two off in between whitening sessions.

If you still experience sensitivity, but you would like whiter teeth, call Dr. Sean Drower’s office and he may be able to recommend a product to help keep sensitivity under control.

Soft Tissue Irritation

Occasionally, your gums or tongue may become irritated from the whitening gel. This happens when too much gel is placed inside your custom whitening tray and it oozes out onto your gums, tongue, and down your throat. This can cause irritation, but is easily remedied by using a smaller amount of gel and not overfilling your trays.

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