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What causes bad breath?

While many things can cause bad breath such as medications, medical conditions, tobacco products, and some foods, one of the main causes is periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is a condition typically caused by poor dental hygiene. Food can become packed between your gums and teeth, which causes plaque. Plaque is a sticky white bacterial material that can create irritation and an infection, if not removed in a timely fashion.

This infection can create odors inside your mouth. Many times, people do not even know they have bad breath unless someone tells them. You have probably talked to someone and noticed the odor of periodontal disease. Rinses and washes do not treat the problem and only mask the odor.

Since your tongue is not smooth, plaque can become lodged in the rough surface. That is why tongue brushing or tongue scraping is recommended to keep your mouth clean.

The only truly effective way to get rid of bad breath caused by periodontal disease is to allow us to remove the bacteria and infection for you and help you to implement a healthy home care regimen.

Bad breath can be embarrassing and offensive. Effectively treating your periodontal disease begins with a visit to our office for a full evaluation. We are gentle and thorough in our approach and will make you feel comfortable for your appointment.

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