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My child is having a dental emergency. What should I do?

When your child experiences a dental emergency, it can be especially traumatic. Children are not always equipped to tell you exactly where their pain is or to discuss the severity of their pain. All you know is that your child hurts and that can make any parent feel helpless.

Dr. Sean Drower is experienced with treating children of all ages. His family-focused dental practice has the compassion and ability to comfort your little one and put them at ease.

A Knocked Out Tooth

If your child’s permanent tooth is knocked out, try to find it and if it is in one piece, try to place it back into the socket and call us as soon as possible. Do not unnecessarily handle the tooth. Time is critical in these scenarios, and your little one must see a dentist immediately.

If you are unable to insert the tooth into the socket, place it in a small container with your child’s own saliva or milk and call us right away.

Dental Pain

Sometimes your child might complain of dental pain. You can examine the gums around the tooth to see if anything is lodged in their gums. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly.

Dental pain can come from numerous conditions and it is always better to have a thorough exam. Dr. Drower will be able to uncover the reason for your little one’s pain and get them feeling comfortable again.

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