Sean P. Drower, DMD PC

Should I be concerned about the radiation in dental x-rays?

With all the recent media coverage surrounding dental x-rays, you may have questions about your safety. Dr. Drower takes your concerns seriously. At our office, we only use digital dental x-rays, which bring your exposure to radiation to the absolute minimum.

Radiation exposure is measured in millirems. An airline flight from New York to Los Angeles exposes you to 4 millirems. A mammogram exposes you to 1000 millirems. A single dental film exposes you to 0.3 millirems. In general, most people agree that the extra radiation exposure is worth the convenience of flying or the opportunity to detect breast cancer.

We feel that the small exposure you get with dental x-rays is more than offset by the benefit of catching the dental disease process in its earliest stages to allow us to treat the condition promptly before it can cause pain and significant damage.

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