Sean P. Drower, DMD PC

Do over the counter whitening products work?

Our patients are often confused by all of the claims they see in advertising about teeth whitening products. Each one claims to be the best solution for yellow or stained teeth. While you may see some success with over the counter products, results vary greatly from patient to patient and sometimes do not work at all.

Rinses, toothpastes, strips, gels, and trays each claim to be the solution for whiter teeth. Without the expertise of your dentist and the guidance of a dental professional, you may not achieve the results you want and you may end up with results you do not want.

Sometimes whitening products can provide unattractive results by whitening your smile in an uneven way or having a blotchy result. If you have experienced such side effects from over the counter whitening products, we encourage you to call Dr. Sean Drower. He can offer solutions to restore your smile and provide the attractive results you are looking for.

Even though some people have experienced positive results from over the counter teeth whitening products, the most effective method for teeth whitening is still professional systems available at your dental office. With the guidance of Dr. Sean Drower, you could see improvements to the color of your smile in one day.

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