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Why should I get a root canal?

A root canal procedure is often a necessary treatment to save your tooth. Root canals become necessary when your tooth nerve is infected. Often you will have severe pain when you need a root canal and a root canal procedure may be necessary to relieve your pain permanently.

Some patients want to know why they should have a root canal instead of an extraction. When you extract a tooth, you create further dental health complications because a missing tooth can cause your teeth to shift or tip toward the empty space.

When you leave an empty space in your mouth where a tooth used to be, you run the risk of experiencing bone loss. Because your teeth are anchored to your jaw bones, a missing tooth can cause that bone to recede since it is no longer necessary. This bone loss can put your other teeth at risk.

Missing teeth also create cosmetic concerns when it comes to your smile. Having a missing tooth may make you feel self-conscious about talking or laughing and that can negatively affect your career and social life.

Tooth replacement therapy can be expensive and inconvenient. We always make it a priority to save your natural teeth when possible.

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