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What will happen at my child's first dental appointment?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your child should begin to see the dentist by their first birthday. Early detection and intervention of childhood dental conditions can prevent more complex and expensive procedures later in life.

At Dr. Sean Drower’s office, we focus on prevention. That means that our goal is to keep your child’s young and healthy teeth free from decay. In addition, we intercept early gum disease and treat it before it progresses into a more serious problem.

If your child is a small toddler, we may have them sit on your lap to help keep them calm for their dental appointment. We will look at your child’s teeth and gums and even brush them, if they will let us. This helps your child become accustomed to being at the dental office.

Generally, for your child’s first well visit, we just try to help them relax and allow us to look inside their mouths. Dr. Drower will also discuss home care systems and any products that may benefit your child’s dental health. If he sees any issues, this time will give him an opportunity to discuss that with you.

Dr. Drower is excellent with children. He is extremely gentle and excellent at communication and helping kids feel relaxed and at home for their dental exams.

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