Sean P. Drower, DMD PC

What happens when my child needs a filling?

If your child needs a filling, you are not alone. Decay (dental caries) is common among children. While it may be because of poor home care, dental decay sometimes runs more strongly in some families than others. If you have a history of decay, you should be ultra vigilant when it comes to your kids. They may be more susceptible, too.

If your child is diagnosed with decay, you do not need to worry! Dr. Sean Drower works great with children. He is gentle and helps your child to feel at ease for their dental appointment.

Dr. Drower will make sure your child is calm and explain to them, in terms they understand, what he will be doing. He will gently and completely remove the decay from your child’s tooth and sterilize the area. Then he will fill your child’s tooth with filling material called composite. Composite is applied in layers and cured with a special light.

Once your child’s cavity is completely filled, he will make any final adjustments so that your child’s filling is comfortable and functional for chewing. Dr. Drower may recommend additional treatments such as fluoride or sealants to help prevent future decay.

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