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How do I know if I have sleep apnea?

The diagnosis of sleep apnea must be made under the care of a physician and usually requires an overnight sleep study. People generally seek a sleep apnea diagnosis because they experience the symptoms of sleep apnea, which include fatigue, forgetfulness, and snoring.

Often people first realize they have a problem because their partner complains of noisy snoring during the night. Couples are often forced to sleep in separate rooms, putting a strain on their relationship. Overnight trips and travel can become an issue. People who have sleep apnea often do not feel rested after a full night’s sleep and have difficulty concentrating, jeopardizing their work performance and productivity.

Your physician will be able to recommend a sleep study program to diagnose or rule out sleep apnea. A positive diagnosis usually means that your doctor will recommend a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine to help your condition by opening your airway. Usually, people find that the CPAP machine relieves their symptoms but occasionally, patients do not tolerate the CPAP machine well. They either find it too cumbersome or have difficulty sleeping.

Dr. Sean Drower offers alternative solutions to the CPAP machine by creating a custom nightguard that can open your airway and help you breathe better while you sleep.

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