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How can a nightguard treat TMJ?

A nightguard can help restore the health and comfort of your jaw joint. When people suffer from TMD (temporomandibular joint disorders), it means that their jaw joints have gotten out of their ideal position in some way. Often times, because of swollen and tense muscles, it is difficult for your jaw to relax.

A nightguard, or splint, may help your jaw to relax into a more comfortable position. This allows the tension and swelling from your muscles to decrease and helps gain more flexibility.

Once your muscles are relaxed, your nightguard can be adjusted in such a way that it holds your jaw in a stable and comfortable position while your sleep. You should wake up feeling more refreshed and rested when your jaw is comfortable throughout the night.

Nightguards also have the added benefit of protecting your teeth from nocturnal bruxism, or excessive clenching and grinding. If you are left to grind your teeth all night, you could cause them to break, crack, split, or get worn down and shortened. Bruxism can also create tooth sensitivity and recession of your gums.

If you experience the symptoms of TMD or bruxism, call our Keene, NH office today to schedule an evaluation. Dr. Sean Drower can help restore your health and comfort through effective treatment of your TMD.

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