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What is a root canal?

Have you been told that you need a root canal? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people each year undergo a root canal, but many people do not know how the procedure works.

A root canal is actually a pulp-filled cavity in the root of your tooth. A root canal procedure is a treatment where the pulp is cleaned out from the root of your tooth and is replaced with a filling material.

Your root canal procedure will begin my taking an x-ray and determining that your tooth has an infection or trauma that warrants a root canal.

Then, Dr. Sean Drower will make sure that you are completely comfortable for your procedure by using anesthetic to numb the area where we will be working. Dr. Drower will make a tiny hole to access the root of your tooth so that he can remove the infection. Once the area is cleaned out, he will fill it and may place additional medication inside to assist in healing.

The hole in your tooth needs to be filled once your root canal is complete. After a root canal, your tooth can become brittle, so a crown is often recommended to protect your tooth from breaking or splitting.

If you suspect you need a root canal, call our Keene, NH office for an evaluation.

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