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Do root canals always work?

While we always provide the best dentistry available, the fact is that people are biological creatures and we can not make guarantees on specific outcomes. Just like any other dental or medical procedures, inherent risks exist. However, if we believe that a procedure is unwise or risky, we will let you know our honest opinions.

That being said, millions of people have successful root canals each year. Dr. Sean Drower is highly skilled and experienced with root canal procedures. You will be in excellent hands at our office. He has performed hundreds of root canals, creating satisfied and happy patients.

Because a root canal is often the last attempt to save a compromised tooth, we take our time and make sure you are completely comfortable. Dr. Drower’s attention to detail helps ensure the best possible outcome.

Root canals are necessary when the nerve of your tooth is infected. Root canal treatment goes inside the canal of your tooth to remove the infection. As a result, your tooth may become brittle. Because of this, we often recommend a crown to protect your tooth.

If you need a root canal, we welcome you to our office. Our highly skilled and compassionate team will make sure you are treated just like we would treat our own families.

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