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Why should I treat my sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition and can create a whole host of other problems for your body. Some of the complications that arise from sleep apnea can seriously affect your health and quality of life.

Often, when patients have sleep apnea, their relationship suffers. Because of loud snoring, couples may be forced to sleep in separate rooms, causing strain to the intimacy of heir relationship. Or your partner may have difficulty sleeping for fear that you will stop breathing during the night.

Sleep apnea can also create systemic issues for patients. Sleep apnea causes things like high blood pressure, liver problems, and problems with surgery. Because you are deprived of oxygen, it creates a strain on your internal organs. You may even be at a higher risk for surgeries because your airway could close due to the sedative affects of the anesthetic.

Patients’ suffering does not end during waking hours. Because of the poor quality of sleep that sleep apnea sufferers get, daytime fatigue, attention problems, and mood problems are common. Depression is common among sleep apnea patients as well as feeling irritable due to poor quality sleep.

Sleep apnea can literally affect every aspect of your life. Proper diagnosis through your physician is the first step to treating sleep apnea and restoring the quality of your life.

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